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Simplify, automate, and enhance with SuiteAutomation Libraries using best practice processes for your business

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The NetSuite Automation Libraries are collections of modules built for specific micro-verticals that support best practice processes and augment the functionality in NetSuite. These libraries are modules built in the native NetSuite platform to allow for a seamless experience without the need to use a separate database or application.

SuiteAutomation for Consumer Products

Order Management

  • Web Store Connector Workflows
  • Warehouse routing by zipcode or state
  • Sales Order prioritization and allocation automation
  • Ready-to-ship automation
  • Back order management (reports and split fulfillment automation)
  • "Flex Res" Reservation Orders with planning time fence
  • Advanced Dunning management
  • Customer Committed Ship Date Automation
  • Subscription management

Supply Chain Management

  • MRP minimum order quantities
  • Supplier price tier agreements based on volume
  • Smart PO Approvals
  • PO Quick Close
  • Flexible Contract Manufacturing
  • Pack Station to ASN Automation
  • Inbound logistics forecast to supply date
  • MRP Dashboard

Inventory Management

  • QualityCentral - Quality Management
  • Next Item Number
  • Item creation automation by class
  • Item onboarding management

Expense Management

  • Intercompany Bill Pay
  • PartnerCentral payouts connector to PayPal
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