Make Payment Processing a Breeze!

Streamline your payment processing, collections, and reconciliation with one app!

PaymentCentral is an automation app that streamlines customer billing, payments, Dunning processes, provides customers simple click-to-pay features, and offers your customers a portal to manage their payment information and see their invoice history. PaymentCentral’s Payout Reconciliation feature imports, reconciles, and posts a bank deposit using data directly from your payment processor.

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    Standard Features


    Give your customers a quick and convenient way to pay invoices with a single click. You control the payment method options including credit card, ACH, wire transfer, mobile pay, and other payment methods from your ERP, all with the power and convenience of Stripe.


    Enable your customers to update their own credit card, ACH, and profile information in an easy-to-access customer portal. Invoice notifications from your ERP may include a Click-to-Portal option allowing customers to make payments straight from the portal.

    Dunning Collections Automation

    Automate invoice payment reminders using a scheduled Dunning process which allows for customized email templates, scheduled emails, and an integrated Click-to-Pay feature. 

    Subscription Management

    Simplify your subscription management with PaymentCentral, which not only automates but tracks subscription records created from NetSuite invoices. You'll appreciate the control to set up term or evergreen subscriptions, determine uplift percentages, use substitute items, select the renewal transaction type as either an Estimate, Sales Order, or Invoice, and use preconfigured billing schedules throughout the term. Optimize your process through its automation and workflows that determine renewal dates, facilitate pre-renewal activities, and auto-charge invoices, powered by Stripe.

    Integrated Billings

    Do you need to connect your time and billings, web applications, or fulfillment systems to NetSuite to facilitate billing? PaymentCentral's Integrated Billing feature allows you to import external fulfillment or charge data into NetSuite, manage the pending charges, set charge rules such as rates, minimums, and usage fees while giving you control to hold charges, bill charges, and/or establish business rules unique to your billing arrangements. Integrated Billing gives you a control panel between your charge or fulfillment data and your NetSuite invoice.

    Payout Reconciliation

    Eliminate hours of transaction matching. PaymentCentral Payout Reconciliation automates your entire payout reconciliation process for a variety of payment processors.

    • Imports Payment and Refund transactions directly from your payment processor as non-posting records
    • Reconciles and links processor payments and refunds to NetSuite payments and refunds and identifies and helps resolve discrepancies
    • Automatically creates a bank deposit in NetSuite with offsetting entries for fees and chargebacks


    $9,600 per year
    Dunning Collections Automation
    Subscription Management
    Payment Request
    Integrated Billing
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