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Simplify, automate, and enhance with SuiteAutomation Libraries using best practice processes for your business

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The NetSuite Automation Libraries are collections of modules built for specific micro-verticals that support best practice processes and augment the functionality in NetSuite. These libraries are modules built in the native NetSuite platform to allow for a seamless experience without the need to use a separate database or application.

SuiteAutomation for Home Goods & Furniture

Order Management

  • Web Store Connector Workflows
  • Enhanced  Back-order Management
  • Enhanced Ready to Ship Workflows
  • Enhanced Warehouse Routing Management
  • Order Item Allocation Prioritization Management
  • FLEX RES Order Reservation Management
  • Enhanced Dunning Management
  • Unified RMA Management
  • Advanced Lead Time Management
  • Enhanced Subscription Management

Supply Chain Management

  • MRP Minimum Order Quantities
  • PO Quick Close
  • Vendor Material Information Record with Price Tiers
  • Enhanced Contract Manufacturing
  • Enhanced Vendor Prepayments
  • Enhanced Advanced PO Approvals
  • EDI ASN Pack Automation
  • Planning Dashboard with quick edit 

Inventory Management

  • DTC-B2B Warehouse Load Balancing
  • DTC-B2B Warehouse Receipt Bifurcation
  • Item Onboarding Workflow
  • Enhanced Quality Management

Expense Management

  • Intercompany Bill Pay
  • Partner Payout Central for PayPal


  • Manage your installer network and surface and assign suggested installers based on proximity and cost.
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